Woburn Public Library Awarded $9.9 Million Provisional Construction Grant

The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners recently announced that it awarded provisional construction grant awards to the top five communities on the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program’s wait list:
Woburn: Woburn Public Library $9,906,275, Webster : Chester C. Corbin Public Library $5,366,489, Hopkinton: Hopkinton Public Library $4,533,580, Somerville: Somerville Public Library $18,100,101, and Stoughton: Stoughton Public Library $6,702,689.

Funding for these projects was made possible through the capital bond bill, signed by Governor Deval Patrick on August 5. The bond bill authorizes a total of $151,200,000 for the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program.

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4e953681-de19-43ec-aad3-1994174a6eb2Free Member Event

Board member Joe Tarby would like to invite all Woburn Chamber of Commerce members to an event titled “Employment Law 2014: An HR Director’s Nightmare”.  This event will be on Thursday October 9th. If you are interested check out the event description to learn more.

Murtha Cullina’s Labor and Employment attorneys will walk you through the life cycle of an employee, while addressing new laws, regulations and employment issues that impact the workplace. Through a series of entertaining and inter-related hypotheticals this seminar will offer practical advice on the ins and outs of the employment process, how recent changes in the law have altered that process, and what employers need to know to avoid legal problems.