Introducing, E. J. Callahan & Associates LLC (EJC)

Please help us welcome our new members, EJC has been serving as a business advisor and accountant to closely held businesses for over 30 years. He has earned a reputation with clients as well as bankers, attorneys, sureties and other professionals in the financial community for technical excellence and superior client service.

Our business philosophy can be summed up by a single word: service. Our primary goal is to help our clients achieve their vision of success. E.J. Callahan & Associates, LLC is focused on providing accounting, audit, tax and business advisory services to closely held companies, principally contractors, distributors, manufacturers and professional service companies.

Depth of Knowledge

The most important part of our service, however, is our ability to help you maximize profitability and ensure the long-term success of your Company through our strategic and business consulting services. EJC is unique among New England CPA firms because we possess both accounting/financial and operational expertise in the construction, manufacturing and distribution, and professional service industries.  This allows us to help you develop growth and management skills throughout your entire Company, not just the accounting department.

Services provided

  • Financial Statement Audits, Reviews and Compilations
  • Tax Return Preparation
  • Tax Planning & Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Bookkeeping
  • Human Resource Issues
  • Insurance and Employee Benefits
  • Financial Benchmarking Analysis
  • Contract Evaluation
  • Information Systems
  • Job Cost Structure and Overhead Rates

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[gdlr_heading tag=”h2″ font_weight=”bold” ]What a professional sports team can teach small business owners- The importance of tracking metrics[/gdlr_heading]
Why do professional sports team measure everything in sight and small businesses measure very little.  We’ll explore why and explore what small businesses should be measuring.
Learn more about Key Performance Indicators. Why do businesses keep them? How can businesses use them? This interactive workshop will start with sports and rapidly work into business.

March 8th from 12 to 1:15 PM
McLane Middleton, 300 Trade Center Suite 7600

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[gdlr_heading tag=”h2″ font_weight=”bold” ]Presented by[/gdlr_heading]
Marty Croyle, President and CEO of Croyle Financial Consulting LLC
As a CPA and founder of Croyle & Associates, P.C. as well as Croyle Financial Consulting, LLC, Marty has devoted his life to working with highly successful business owners to help them increase both their profits and their enjoyment of running a business. Marty understands what it takes to create a successful business as well as what is required to keep it on track and growing on a regular basis.

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