Dear Mayor and Members of the Council,

I am writing to express the support of the Woburn Chamber of Commerce for the expansion of the Woburn Public Library. The City of Woburn was given the gift of this historically and architecturally significant building which is a true asset to the community. The library provides free access to a world of books. It also provides a welcoming place for young children and families with craft and science experiences as well as groups, clubs and presentations of all kinds. Older children are supported with their academic challenges as well as their career aspirations. Free internet access helps level the field for all to members of our community.  The library provides a continuous stream of educational and entertaining programs available at no cost to the entire community.

The proposed expansion would add even further value to the community with plans for a 3D printer and technology to support the growth of STEM skills (Science, Technology and Math) which are vital to careers in the science and technology fields. As a business association we see clearly the added value of having our public library be as current and accessible as possible.

We do not, however, believe that this expansion should be funded by the commercial and industrial property owners of the city. Woburn is in a unique economic position with the deep cushion provided by the tax base of these entities and individuals. We believe strongly that it is in the best interest of the city and its tax payers to balance Woburn’s economic burdens in such a way that continue to make Woburn a City that is welcoming to  commerce.



Michael Meaney

Executive Director , Woburn Chamber of Commerce

10 Tower Office Park, Suite 416

Woburn, MA 01801