In case you have never been inside Batteries Plus Bulbs, it’s difficult to explain the mix of old fashioned general store nostalgia and back to the future astonishment you feel when you walk in. Owner, Chris Shea has a long history in the battery business; he even lived in Germany and worked for Volkswagen on their batteries. When he considered opening a retail business this was a natural fit. He passes his love and understanding of batteries on to his employees. His employees are well educated and uniquely qualified to help determine your needs and explain your options.

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They can check your car’s battery, starter and alternator for free, and trouble shoot the battery and charger in all sorts of devices including cell phones, laptops, digital cameras, UPS units, cordless tools, wheelchairs, scooters, key fobs, watches, etc. Batteries Plus Bulbs sells a large selection of car and truck batteries including deep cycle batteries for snow plow contractors. From retail to commercial accounts, (including the US coast Guard), Batteries Plus Bulbs is a trusted resource in our community. Bring in your watch or car remote, they are happy to help with small repairs like these. Their goal is to help you become an educated consumer before you buy your batteries or bulbs for your home or your office. If you need anything battery or bulb related this should be your first stop! They also offer electronic trouble shooting, smartphone and tablet screen repair.