Our Annual Meeting is a time to honor an individual or organization with our Humanitarian of the Year Award. This year we honor the Woburn Moose Family Center #1214 for their tireless support of the Woburn Challenger Baseball program. The Challenger League Baseball program provides a consistent and positive experience for it’s participants. It doesn’t matter what city or town you are from, any age, male or female the Challenger League

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welcomes all with open arms. The group gets together the first weekend in May and it continues to the last weekend in June. The group meets every Saturday from 9:30 to 11 am to play ball at Weafer Park with a cookout to follow after the game. There is absolutely no cost to the players or their families. This year they had 39 participants.

Part of the Challenger League is a program called “Buddies”. The Buddies program is a volunteer-based program that helps the special needs players bat, run around the bases and assist in the field. Each player in the Challenger League has the opportunity to have a Buddy and it is a great way to make friends.

After each session finishes, there is an end of the year banquet at the Woburn Family Moose Center. all the players, Buddies, and their families are invited. Each player receives a trophy, there are a lot of memories shared of the season and is followed by a dinner.

The Challenger League players, the Buddies and their families are invited on the Trolley ride that is sponsored by the Moose Center for the Halloween Parade.

We are proud to highlight and honor all those who participate in this program. We especially thank the Woburn Moose Family Center for their dedication and generous support of the Challenger League Baseball program.

If you would like to attend our Annual Meeting and join us in honoring the Woburn Moose Family Center and the Challenger League’s volunteers on November 12th at the Crest View Plaza, you can  RSVP here.