Paul Meaney will always be remembered at the Woburn Chamber of Commerce for his many years of dedication and service as our Executive Director as well as his enthusiasm and desire to help Woburn Businesses succeed.

Paul served as the Executive Director from 1992 to 2012. In that time he advocated tirelessly at City Hall. He was always working to find a way to get the best result for everyone involved. After stepping down as Executive Director, Paul stayed actively involved as our Community Relations Coordinator. He was ever ready to pick up the phone and introduce himself and the Woburn Chamber of Commerce. He never shied away from reaching out to ask for support or to share his opinion. Paul cared deeply not just about business but about the people of Woburn and their quality of life.

Here are some words of remembrance from the Board:

Joseph Tarby III: ” I was a member of the Woburn Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors that hired Paul in 1992.  We knew when Paul was hired he would elevate the presence of the Woburn Chamber of Commerce in the City of Woburn.  It was Paul that led the way for the Woburn Chamber of Commerce to become the leading advocacy group for the Woburn business community.  Paul was a tireless and passionate advocate for the business community.  As one who worked closely with Paul for over 20 years, Paul was also mindful of the importance of mitigating the impact of new development on residential properties.  He was not afraid to make suggestions to our members as well as City officials on how residents could be less impacted by a particular project. It was that type of leadership that made Paul a credible advocate for the Woburn business community.

Outside his role as Executive Director Paul was a great family man.  His family meant everything to him.  He cherished his time with his wife and best friend of 55 years, Gale, his children and his grandchildren.  I always enjoyed the stories he would tell me about family trips to Hampton Beach in the summer, Regina Pizza on Sundays, Martha’s Vineyard, Foxwoods and Florida.

I loved Paul Meaney like a brother and consider him one of my closest friends and advisors.  He will be missed by all of us.  Good bye, good friend and God bless.”

Thomas Stirling: “I will never forget the day I met Paul. It has been a pleasure working with him for the last five years. His passion and commitment to represent the residents and businesses in Woburn has been an inspiration. He will be sincerely missed, and I am honored to help continue his work at the Woburn Chamber of Commerce.

Joe Ciulla: “What a great man who did so much for his family, friends and the Woburn community. It is a sad time but I will always remember this special man and all the good times we all shared with him. He will always be known to me as the “King of the Woburn Chamber of Commerce”.God Bless Paul and all his family and friends.”

Scott Matheson: “Paul Meaney loved the City of Woburn. His dedication and passion for both its citizens and businesses was a driving force in the Woburn Chamber of Commerce. Paul stood up and fought for what he felt was just and was always there for those in need. Woburn will sincerely miss his many contributions, but his legacy lives on in the work we do at the Woburn Chamber of Commerce. For a better Woburn

Dennis Clark: “I had the good fortune of knowing Paul for most of my career, and genuinely liked and respected him a great deal. He was a very kind man and a consummate gentleman—always. Paul was also incredibly generous with his time, serving the community in numerous ways over the years. I am sure I am just one of many who greatly appreciate his extraordinary commitment to the city of Woburn.”

Andy Hackett: “When we opened our office in Tower Office Park 8 years ago, he was one of our first visitors. He met with me and my dad and let us know that if there was ever anything he can help us do in the city of Woburn to give him a call. He gave us his personal cell phone number. My dad had never seen anything like this, and was impressed.

Working with Paul for 8 years was truly an honor. He bleeds the City of Woburn, and advocates tirelessly on behalf of small businesses. When you asked Paul a question, you knew you would get the truth whether you wanted to hear it or not. And you ALWAYS got his opinion, when you wanted it or not. Myself, our company, the Woburn Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Woburn will all miss Paul dearly. He is a gem that will be remembered forever.”