The Woburn Chamber of Commerce is proud to count Servpro as a member. Servpro is the company you can trust to restore your home and property after all kinds of emergencies. They’re the people you can trust to restore and clean your home after a disaster to help you make it feel like home again.

Scott Jenkins is your local representative. Here’s what he wants to highlight for you about their new free service available to assist in property management:

Contact Information


Yes, we’ve been around since the 60’s and are nationwide, but what matters most is that we’re your local Servpro. We’ve been here in Woburn for over 10 years. Close by and quick to respond to things like mold, water and fire.

We’re a great contact to have for anyone who owns or manages property of any type.

We now provide a free service and smart phone application, called an Emergency Ready Profile. The ERP will help insure you’re not caught completely of guard in an emergency. If you own or manage property, you’ll want a document like this in place.  Ask me about it. I’ll be happy to help you get it set up.

We’re glad to be members of Woburn Chamber of Commerce and happy to serve you. It’s my sincere wish that you reach out with any questions and let me know how I can help.