Susan Hartmere is more than a business woman and past president of the Woburn Chamber of Commerce. She is also a humanitarian who travels the world every year with the Rotarians on a “volunteer vacation”. Her most recent travels brought her to Guyana where she helped to build a playground which is handicapped accessible.

We hope you enjoy these great photos of Susan and the beautiful children she met on her trip.

The first one is of a girl who loved to braid (called plaiting) my hair.
hair plaiting
The picture of the baby piranha is of the one I caught in the rainforest’s river.
…baby teeth, with the potential to do some real damage.
piranha's teeth
I just had to include the pan of beans picture. Every meal – even breakfast!
pan of beans
Next, (top of page) there is one of my buddy Charles. He has down syndrome and didn’t speak a word. He waited for our van every morning. When I took a break from the unrelenting sun on the basketball court, he would hang with me. He was fascinated with the pictures on my phone.
Then, there’s one of me painting the outline of a Rotary logo with my finger. Previously, it had been done in the morning with chalk, but rain was in the forecast which would have washed the outlines away. An assortment of different brushes of different widths was not to be had, so, we improvised.
painting lines w finger
Last is one of me and some of the children. They were just so wonderful!
sh & group of children
I hope you enjoy these pictures.
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