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Samantha Stone is a growth activator who helps unleash the possible in organizations that have complex selling processes. She’s a fast-growth, B2B marketing junkie, author, speaker, consultant and personal coach who has also managed to find time to raise four boys with her husband, David.

Throughout her career she has launched go-to-market initiatives and led marketing strategies for award-winning, high-growth companies including Netezza, SAP, Ascential Software and Powersoft. In 2012 Samantha founded The Marketing Advisory Network to help savvy business leaders unleash the possible within their enterprises.

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Unleash Possible

Her new book Unleash Possible will be coming out in October 2016. Unleash Possible is a how-to guide for high-growth marketing in complex selling environments. Author Samantha Stone, the Growth Activator, doesn’t just tell you what to do, she shows you how to do it, and how to partner with sales to get the right results. There is no shortage of inspiring advice calling you to transform your marketing efforts. They all preach, correctly, that B2B marketing has changed and buyers are in control.  The problem is—most advice tells you to transform, but does little to address the practical realities of making changes in organizations that have complex relationships with sales.


Unleash Possible changes that—it’s a how-to manual for B2B marketers to:

  • become a trusted partner for sales teams to turn to for guidance.
  • the way marketing is done to better serve buyers.
  • drive more revenue, growth and profitability.

You can sign up for a free chapter by visiting