Paul Meaney Day is April 19th
Mayor Scott Galvin declared April 19th to be Paul Meaney Sr. Day in the City of Woburn.
This proclamation was made to honor the years of service Paul dedicated to the City and to the Woburn Chamber of Commerce.
Paul’s legacy is one of tireless effort to support business and he is well remembered at City Hall.


From the Executive Director
I have heard countless stories from the Mayor, City Councilors and other City Officials about Paul’s impassioned pleas on behalf of business owners. His belief that a strong business community strengthened the community as a whole made him a dogged ally for businesses as they wound their way through City Hall.
As an organization we continue to be dedicated to supporting our members in this way and advocating for a business climate that supports growth and development.
The Board of Directors has reformed the Government Committee, creating a team approach to handling these issues. The committee is interested in hearing from businesses as they face issues in regards to City Hall. The goal is to increase awareness, find commonalities and advocate as appropriate.

As the organization grows we are grateful for the contributions made by those who have gone before us. This year’s Woburn Chamber of Commerce scholarship will be given in Paul’s name to honor his many years of service and contribution. A portion of the proceeds from the first annual golf tournament will fund the scholarship.

Heather Maguire, Executive Director

Heather Maguire
Executive Director, Woburn Chamber of Commerce