We are excited to announce the arrival of our “Welcome Tote” program. A simple and affordable way for our members to Welcome new businesses to the area and to the Association.

Everyone loves getting a gift! Our Welcome Totes take the tradition of welcoming a new neighbor with a plate of cookies to a whole new level. The Woburn Chamber of Commerce will hand deliver 350 sturdy, reusable canvas bags to our new members and to new businesses in the Woburn area in 2018.The totes will be filled with useful promotional items, gifts, discount offers and invitations from our members. What a clever way to make a great first impression and be remembered. Want to make an even bigger impression? Why not deliver a bag yourself?! As a member you are eligible to hand deliver a Welcome Tote on behalf of the Association and yourself.

[gdlr_heading tag=”h2″ font_weight=”bold” ]What We Provide[/gdlr_heading]

  • 350 sturdy and reusable canvas totes printed with bag sponsor logos on both sides
  • Fill each of the totes with promotional items
  • Convenient drop off for items as well as pick up for Welcome Totes
  • Hand Delivery to our new members and to new businesses in the Woburn area

[gdlr_heading tag=”h2″ font_weight=”bold” ]How it Works[/gdlr_heading]

  • Must provide 350 items to be inserted in the bags (may be provided incrementally). All items must be approved before delivery.
  • A one time Insertion Fee of $75 is required.
  • Participants must be current members of the Woburn Chamber of Commerce.

[gdlr_button href=”https://woburnchamber.org/join/#account/join” target=”_self” size=”medium” background=”#000000″ color=”#ffffff”]BECOME A MEMBER[/gdlr_button]

[gdlr_heading tag=”h2″ font_weight=”bold” ]Bag Sponsorship[/gdlr_heading]

  • Bag sponsorships are now sold out.
  • Your logo printed on one side of each of the 350 bags and shared with one other business, $600.00.
  • To be the solo logo on one side of the bags, the sponsorship cost is $1,100.00.
  • Contact the office ASAP if you wish to be included as a bag sponsor!

[gdlr_heading tag=”h2″ font_weight=”bold” ]Gift Ideas[/gdlr_heading]

  • We are looking for promotional gifts, discounts, personal notes and invitations. Get creative!
  • Consider offering a small gift for visiting your business or meeting for a consult. For example, construction or real estate could give a personalized tape measure or small gift card to a hardware store.
  • A personal note introducing yourself and your business. Invite them to a networking event or out for coffee.
  • A pad of sticky notes attached to a customized list of reasons to remember your business.
  • We are partnering with Sophwell to offer assistance with ideas, design and execution. Please contact Jamie Bradley at jamie@sophwell.com or the Woburn Chamber of Commerce office for more information, (781) 935-0345.

Print and Mail the Welcome Tote Registration Form or Register online through the form below: