The Woburn Chamber of Commerce is proud to offer our members access to the Emerging Leaders mentor program. The program allows seasoned professionals to mentor the rising stars in our business community by sharing their experience and knowledge.

All member business employees who are approximately 3 to 7 years into their careers are invited to apply as mentees. 

The Emerging Leaders Program is a 9 month program pairing mentors and mentees who will meet both independently and for monthly workshops. The workshop intensives are held in September, October, November, April, May and June. The goals of the program are to form supportive relationships, apply program materials, and acquire tools for growth within their companies.

These goals will be met by cultivating a safe environment for early professionals to connect with more experienced professionals and navigate to the next level of their careers. Mentees will also benefit from peer to peer mentoring. You are creating a comfortable support network that is easily accessible.

Our fall 2018 session dates are:
Welcome Lunch: September 4th
September 18th, Managing Up
October 16th, Networking and Relationship Building
November 20th, Pushing Past Your Fears

This program is a Woburn Chamber of Commerce member benefit! The Woburn Chamber of Commerce is proud to provide this opportunity for our member businesses and their employees. Thanks to our Emerging Leader sponsors, the Woburn Municipal Federal Credit Union, the Woburn Chamber of Commerce is able to provide this valuable programming at no charge to our members.

Mentors and Mentees are matched on a best fit basis. Anyone not matched is strongly encouraged to reapply for the next session.

Mentors and Mentees are encouraged to apply now for the Spring 2019 Session which will begin in April.

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Mentoring is an enriching experience which allows you to leverage your professional and personal knowledge to support a younger professional to advance in their career. Our mentor should be professionals with approximately 10 to 15 years of experience in their field. Mentors must be willing to commit to attending the workshops as well as a minimum of once a month check ins with your Mentee. Mentor commitment is 3 to 5 hours per month for the length of the program.

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The Emerging Leaders program is designed to offer professionals with 3 to 7 years in their field the opportunity to develop the skills they need to move forward within their companies. To be eligible for participation, professionals must be an owner or employee of a Woburn Chamber of Commerce member business. Mentees must commit to attending the three workshops and meeting with their mentor a minimum of once a month outside of the workshops. Each workshop will include pre and post work, the latter to be reviewed and discussed with Mentors. The time commitment for Mentees is 3 to 6 hours per month including the workshop in which they will gain skills to support their career growth:

  • Tools to advance within their company
  • Advanced skills to network and cultivate relationships
  • Advice to deal with business issues and overcome professional hurdles
  • Answers to questions they currently have no one to ask

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