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Are you wondering what you need to do to ensure that your business complies with the GDPR?

Several of our member businesses have resources and support available to you.

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Murtha Cullina
Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice Group, LEARN MORE
Chair of the Cybersecurity Practice Group, Dena Castricone
Bio and email dcastricone@murthalaw.com 

Read: Three Important Considerations for all Businesses in Light of GDPR

The GDPR is the most comprehensive and complex privacy regulation currently enacted. The GDPR can apply to a business or organization (including a non-profit organization) anywhere in the world and its potential financial impact is huge; fines can reach up to € 20 million Euros (over $23 million USD) or 4% of an entity’s total revenue, whichever is greater. continue to full article

SSJM Attorneys
Lead attorney of Legal Compliance and Cyber Security Practice Group, William D. Chase
Bio and email bchase@ssjmattorneys.com

In an expanding area of law, failure to comply with cybersecurity legal compliance can result in crippling liability and business destruction.  Bill’s vast and unparalleled expertise in the area of Legal Cyber Compliance and Insider Threat is the only comprehensive defense in this new world.  The SSJM Team now educates our business clients in the area of Legal Compliance with both state and federal cybersecurity law.  We then prepare a Cybersecurity Legal Compliance Report (CLCR) for each individual business.  The CLCR then provides the “Road Map” to achieve legal compliance and minimize enormous liability exposure.  Legal compliance with cybersecurity laws can NO LONGER be ignored.

McLane Middleton

Privacy and Information Security LEARN MORE

Read: Has your company addressed it’s privacy and data security risks?
and What does it really take to be data security compliant? excerpted below

Most businesses know (or should know by now) that they must comply with state and federal data security laws and regulations. But business leaders often are unaware of what it really takes to do so. That is understandable. Data security seems complex, and technology consultants and vendors rarely try to demystify it for their customers.

Data security is just like any other legal or business risk management issue. The risk is managed through a process of collaboration between business leaders, information technology professionals, and qualified legal counsel. continue to full article

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