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Your Disability Connection is a local cable television program created by Susan Cauley, a mother of two children with autism. She created this show to offer support for other families. If you or your loved ones are dealing with issues relating to raising children with disabilities this is a resource you may wish to consider. Susan is also seeking support from individuals and businesses to expand her programing.

Below is a letter from Susan explaining the origin of the program and how you can support:


The show “Your Disability Connection” is personally a very special project for me.  As a single parent struggling to raise two children with autism, I had to learn how to effectively teach and advocate for them at a time when autism was a fairly unknown diagnosis by the general population. I found there was very little support.  Even now that they have grown older, living in group homes, support is still an issue and learning new approaches and information about autism is constant.

Guided by this endless journey and my personal experience, I decided to develop a show geared towards parents that live every day with challenges and frustrations caring for their child with a disability. Most parents feel alone in the difficult task of raising children with special needs and could use some encouragement from other parents facing the same responsibilities. This is reflected in every show produced, sharing valuable knowledge that allows me to reach out to other parents that are also searching for answers, direction and support.

Dedicated to providing accurate, up to date information, each guest on our show is a professional in their field or a parent who shares their experiences on a particular topic. The guests discuss issues pertinent to the subject matter in a conversational half hour format.  Topics that have been covered include guardianship, financial planning, respite care, autism, bullying, the IEP and much more. The show is produced in Woburn and broadcast on several cable stations including WPMC. All 34 shows are also available to watch on YouTube.com.

As a business owner I am seeking your assistance in increasing our coverage area and viewership.  We hope to make the show more accessible to anxious and overwhelmed parents of children with disabilities”

Please consider supporting “Your Disability Connection” in any way possible.

You could become a member of the board, committee member, production staff or just to spread a positive word about our show to others. Donations can also be  made to Go Fund Me.com or call Susan Cauley 782-281-0772 for additional information.

So if you haven’t heard about or seen “You’re Not Alone, Surviving Your Child’s Disability”, I hope you decide to take a look and help us out!!

[gdlr_heading tag=”h2″ font_weight=”bold” ]Contact Susan[/gdlr_heading]

You can reach Susan by phone  781-281-0772 (H), 857-236-6270 (C) or email at scauleyyna@gmail.com  

Please include your name and contact information.

  1. What topics are of interest to you and would like to see discussed on the show.
  2. Would you like to participate in the production of the show?
  3. Would you be interested in becoming involved as a Board Member/Committee Member?
  4. Would you like to make a donation?  (Can be made on Go Fund Me or call Susan Cauley for more information)