Tasher Studio is a full service studio offering everything from business headshots to large corporate events and even family and individual portraits for all occasions. Chris is offering a portrait headshot special for Woburn Chamber of Commerce members and their friends for only $39 or 10% off any corporate photography for websites or event photography.

Corporate Photography

Tasher Studio has extensive experience in the many facets of Corporate Portraiture and Commercial Work. From classic business head shots to a

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new look for LinkedIn and other Social sites, we will give you exactly what you need. Real Estate photography, Company teams and groups, award presentations and speakers, corporate events and company functions and much more can all be taken care of easily by contacting us. We are proud to say that many local, regional and national companies have reached out to us time and time again to provide these services for the professional look that makes all the difference to their company.

Products, artwork, automobile and vehicle shoots, aerial photography, store displays and building interior/exteriors are just a few of the many types of commercial work we provide our clients. Our experience, quality and service have made us the ‘One to Call’ when our customers tell us they needed it ‘Yesterday’. We will work closely with you to provide the highest quality finished work while also meeting your deadline.

Personal Photography

Tasher Studio has been photographing people, weddings and events, products, models, headshots, actors, business portraits, pet photography, senior portraits and many other subjects  for over thirty years and has provided our customers with the finest quality portraits and images. Using our creativity and knowledge to capture the looks our customers want has enabled us to become the studio of choice for thousands of families and businesses and we stand behind them 100%.