michelle ciccolo
Newly Elected Representative, Michelle Ciccolo has filed legislation designed to establish an innovative new funding mechanism to assist cities and towns in the creation of first mile/last mile transit options, providing sustainable ongoing funding that can be used in conjunction with RTAs and TMAs to deliver more transit services.  This bill is an essential step for connecting commuters to larger transit options, and it is critical to increasing ridership of commuter rail, traditional bus routes, and bus rapid transit (BRT), and to reducing the presence of single occupancy vehicles (SOVs). Senator Cindy Friedman is a cosponsor and has introduced identical language in the Senate as SD2135.
The deadline for submitting legislation was January 19, and I filed seven bills that will make critical changes to help keep both the district and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts moving forward.
  • Transit Improvement Districts (HD3816)
The Woburn Chamber of Commerce has been working to support and highlight viable transportation options for the city and it’s daily influx of Woburn Business employees. First mile/last mile transit options could make inroads in alleviating congestion and provide great value to business owners. For business owners, the public transportation option for their employees adds great incentive in hiring valuable talent and expands the employee pool tremendously.
We commend Representative Ciccolo and Senator Cindy Friedman for their forward thinking in regards to solutions for our transportation challenges.
If you would like to voice your support or discuss in more detail, Michelle Ciccolo’s Community Hours are:
  • February 25, 2:00pm-3:00pm
  • Cary Memorial Library, Large Conference Room, 1874 Massachusetts Ave
  • March 1, 10:00am-11:00am
  • Woburn Senior Center, 144 School Street

You can also email her at mciccolo@gmail.com