Amy Goober has been a Certified Health and Wellness Coach for Optavia for six years. She has supported over 500 clients and over 100 coaches during that time. Her role as an Optavia coach is to support clients following the weight loss and wellness plan as well as to mentor other coaches as they develop their businesses.

Amy Goober has ranked up to the level of Global Director

Amy is the first coach in Massachusetts to reach the level of Global Director. The level of Global Director is achieved by less than 1% of all of the 22,000 active coaches in Optavia nationwide.
After she and her husband lost a total of 50 pounds on this weight loss plan six years ago, Amy decided to become an Optavia coach to pay it forward and help others transform their lives. Amy states, “Losing weight was just the beginning of the gift this program has been for me. As someone who personally struggled with my weight throughout my life, I’m excited and energized to share my hard-learned lessons and the wisdom gained from this exceptional program. I am grateful for my team of health and wellness coaches who allow me to help more people achieve the success I see with my own personal clients.”
To learn more you can reach Amy at 781-910-4962 or