Fundraising Opportunity with Woburn Kiwanis

The Woburn Kiwanis are part of a global organization made up of volunteers with a shared commitment to changing the world, one child and one community at a time. They are organizing a puzzle fundraiser. Woburn Businesses have the opportunity to participate in this unique and memorable fundraiser.


My name is Lenny Delaney, Past President of the Kiwanis Club of Woburn.  Our club is putting together a new fundraiser which will be a once in a lifetime piece of art ready for framing. This artwork will be a map of Woburn and have images of Woburn businesses, restaurants, historic sites, interesting events and places in the City of Woburn in a Jigsaw puzzle form. 

The artwork will be a 30” x 24” 1000 piece puzzle.  It will be full color custom artwork, hand drawn by White Mountain puzzle artist Gary Torrissi.  The individual artwork for the business advertisers will be placed in a “block” on the outside edge of the puzzle. In addition to the block ad, a second custom drawing of your business will be placed inside the interior map area of the puzzle, at the approximate location of your business.

We will initially be printing over 500 boxed puzzles; 300 hundred will be donated to schools in the city. This will be educational and a fun project for the children.  It means hundreds of families when assembling the puzzle will not only see your business but will learn some historic and fun facts of their home town.

The cost of advertising is $500.00, depending on the ability to pay only $300.00 for one top or side block and the larger corner squares are $500.00 each. Customers placing an ad will receive their own custom artwork (you decide what you want inserted) on the outside edge of the puzzle and another custom drawing inside the interior map area of the puzzle. You will also receive a boxed puzzle or if your business wishing to display the artwork may receive instead a full size 1 /2 cut puzzle with outlines of cut pieces, complete and ready for mounting and or framing.                

We are hopeful that you will support this worthwhile and enjoyable fundraiser.    

I would be happy to meet or talk with you any time in the next week or so for 15 or 20 minutes to present the details of our fundraiser and tell you about Kiwanis charities.

I can be reached at 617-851-0513.


Lenny Delaney

If possible, donations or a commitment to donate be received by April 30, 2019