There is a lot happening in Woburn that impacts businesses of all sizes. Our Board of Directors, Government Committee has been meeting to discuss key issues. These are some of the topics of discussion.

Commuter Rail Communities Coalition:

An alliance of mayors and town managers/administrators seeking to identify concerns and ideas on commuter rail issues and opportunities, and advocate for short- and long-term improvements to the rail network.

The coalition is co-chaired by Lynn Mayor Tom McGee and Bedford Town Manager Sarah Stanton and is also staffed by Metropolitan Area Planning Council, the 495/MetroWest Partnership, the Transportation for Massachusetts, with addition support from the MBTA Advisory Board and TransitMatters.

New Boston Street Area Economic Development Study:  

The New Boston Street Industrial Park is a thriving business supporting over 300 businesses and thousands of jobs. The easy access to to highways attracts businesses serving a regional customer base. It also provides excellent employment for Boston and surrounding suburbs. As business continues to boom, local access to the area has began to become more challenging. The opening of this New Boston Street Bridge will likely alleviate traffic and improve traffic circulation. By retaining the New Boston Street district as a job dense area, the City of Woburn is well positioned to continue serving 370 businesses while employing well over 5,000 residents.

Commerce Way Area eTOD Study 2018:

The City of Woburn is working with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council to develop a plan for the future of an important part within our city. The area stretching from the Woburn Mall to Anderson/Woburn station is being studied for its future development potential.

150 Woburn residents and business representatives attended a community forum hosted by the City and MAPC in February. A presentation provided the areas characteristics, development potential and nearby transit opportunities. The presentation was followed by a session for attendees offer their inuts on varying topics.