Providing real-world experience to college students

At Projectship, we are on a mission to help college students gain meaningful real-world experience.

We do this by partnering with small businesses to provide them with free, short-term research projects to help their business grow. Some of our projects include a Website & Social Media Analysis and a Customer & Market Analysis.

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Our brilliant students dive deep into your company, competitors, and industry to provide meaningful research that will help your business stay competitive. And there’s no need to find, hire, and hand-hold interns to complete your project. Our students will complete your project with minimal time commitment from you and with zero administrative burden.

Right now, we are looking to provide a FREE website and social media analysis for 30 local companies. We are partnering with Merrimack College and can use your help to provide these students with some real-world experience!

You can learn more about the analysis by going to

Projectship was started by Woburn residents Nate Coughran and Maryn Coughran. Nate and Maryn are an entrepreneurial couple with 4 young kids. They have been starting businesses that help both small businesses and college students for the past 10 years.