Hi! My name is Ally Mann and in 2016 I started working in the pet care industry. In 2019, I decided to  create my very own professional dog walking business. It was a big leap of faith but and even with 2020 being a tough year on everyone it has all worked out. In the future I hope to build a successful dog daycare and boarding facility in the Woburn area. For now, I walk dogs full time Monday through Friday bringing packs up to 6 dogs out on daily adventures. We visit local dog parks, Horn Pond, and of course several neighborhoods around town. I walk every type of dog big or small, young or old and I love every minute of it!

Hoping to grow my business and meet new people (and their dogs of course) I am looking forward to being a part of Woburn Chamber of Commerce!

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I have an Instagram page @muttsnwigglebutts which I do most of my content sharing

I also have a Twitter @wigglebuttwalks