Breakup & Relationship Coach Emmi Fortin helps women and men rebuild themselves after a breakup, divorce, or damaging relationship so they can attract the fulfilling relationships they truly want in the future.

Emmi works with clients in all stages of their relationship status in her coaching program WAKE UP from Your Breakup to facilitate inner transformation and powerful mindset shifts around how they approach life. Her clients express feeling a renewed sense of self, direction, and confidence during and after their work with her. Emmi fosters a strong sense of community and engagement within her Breakup Support and Connection Group (nearly 1,000 members strong), where various topics are discussed weekly, inviting participants to share their stories and take action on their own healing.

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Emmi is an engaging speaker and author of her memoir Who Is Your Red Dress? One Woman’s Quest to Break Up with a Love Addiction. Watch the cinematic book trailer at! Emmi has traveled to over 20 countries and draws from what she has learned from different cultures, along with her own years of experience in the online dating scene, to incorporate the concept of exploration into her dynamic work. You can learn more about Emmi and grab her free resources at or connect through email at