Nora Oliver, a motivational speaker and certified life coach and the owner of coaching practice 10X Nora Oliver, has launched an array of new services focused exclusively on addressing crucial workplace issues. Nora knows how workplace conflict can sap the energy and demoralize the workforce of even the most innovative business. Research shows that business managers spend an estimated 40 percent of their time dealing with conflicts both big and small, so it’s no trivial matter. 

It’s a fact of business life. Disagreements, disputes, and honest differences exist everywhere. For small business owners and entrepreneurs, the key is this: By treating conflicts as catalysts for increasing energy and productivity, you can turn them from negatives into positives. But learning to tap into this potential game-changer takes expert guidance. That’s where Nora’s training and first-hand experience comes into play.

“Workplace conflict can manifest in a multitude of ways, including insults or bullying, aggression, refusal to cooperate, ignoring or ghosting others,” Ms. Oliver explains. “And the negative effects of these actions can include emotional stress, decreased productivity, project failure, absenteeism, turnover and a generally negative and toxic work environment for all – even for those not directly involved in the conflict. It’s pretty obvious that resolving conflict in the workplace is crucial for employee and organizational success.”

Nora’s highly effective “Conflicts in the Workplace” program zeroes in on learning to recognize and resolve workplace clashes and conflicts issues quickly and effectively. What’s more, she’ll show you how to employ her technique to help prevent them from occurring again – which is critical to maintaining a workforce that feels validated and respected. 

To learn more about Nora’s “Conflicts in the Workplace” program and all of her other offerings, please visit, email, or call 781-888-5354.

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