81f9db05-e1ae-47a6-8293-5525785317e9 Woburn City Council Meetings

On July 10th at the Woburn City Council meeting, Michael spoke against the Community Preservation Act (CPA) and its negative effect on Woburn businesses.

The CPA targets businesses that are doing well with a specific tax and the money collected is used to upgrade community areas.

This same tax was voted down a few years ago, but the Town is trying to get it passed again.

City Council Meeting on Tuesday, July 22nd
At this City Council meeting  Michael will speak for Herb Chambers again.  The final vote will be taken at this meeting on the storage lot issue.

708be28a-52bf-4f3b-9846-8b48fabad95eWelcome To Woburn!

Construction is under way as Dave and Busters opens its second location in the state at 275 Mishawum Road in Woburn. The staff is hoping to open by September 2015 with the support of the city.