At the Woburn Chamber of Commerce we would like to take a moment to Thank Rachel Floyd from Janis Research. Rachel recently presented for our Innovation Series at the library. Her audience was treated to an informative and fun look at cryogenics, cryogenic research and application. Janis Research is a company built on inspiration, hard work, innovation and a deep love of scientific research. They have custom built a facility on Wildwood Avenue from which they hope to never leave. It is thoughtfully designed for the work they currently do with room for future expansion. The cryogenic instruments being designed and built by Janis Research right here in Woburn are shipped around the world and used in a myriad of exciting ways. Thank you Rachel for giving us a glance into this interesting world and for taking the time to share it with us. Thanks also to Ann Carroll from Janis Research for her assistance  as well as to Woburn Public Library for hosting and cultivating this speaker series.