As an advocate for Woburn Businesses, the Woburn Chamber of Commerce takes a firm stand against the CPA. Woburn voters have rejected it in the past for good reason. The CPA creates another costly level of bureaucracy, has steadily decreased its state matching funds, offers no guarantee that state funds will be awarded to member communities and has historically awarded state funds to affluent suburbs over working class communities. The Woburn homeowner is facing several years of tax increases to fund the library addition, new fire station as well as the new Wyman-Hurld school. The CPA would add an additional burden to taxpayers who have already approved funding of open space through the meals tax. As a business owner you can help defeat the CPA by encouraging employees who live in Woburn to get out and vote “No” on this question. It will benefit them as well as the commercial and industrial property owners who do so much to benefit the city.