Introducing our new member, Now Business Intelligence or NBI.

NBI creates solutions to some of business’s most challenging and complex technical problems. By strategically partnering with their clients, they learning their client’s business and create solutions from the inside out. Their experienced team becomes your team.

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Matt Nowosiadly, Founder

NBI founder, Matt Nowosiadly, is taking the company he successfully launched 7 years ago to a higher level. He is growing his management team and his business, allowing Matt to better define his industry leadership role as CEO; increasing focus on relationships with federal, state, municipal and local governments. Matt will also set the course for ambition, growth and technological advancement, fixating on the next generation of products: Robotic Process Automation (RPA), predictive analytics, data migration and the internet of things (IoT). Matt is driven by a mission to streamline and advance technology that solves client problems by bringing joy instead of anguish.

“We are taking our business and client service to a whole new level by increasing our commitment to neutralizing the current friction of data migration, integrating software, and custom software.”

CEO, Matt Nowosiadly

Joe Warrino, President

Joe Warrino was promoted to President. In a company of computer scientists and engineers, Joe is the lone operational and finance expert. His focus is on streamlining operations and process improvement, allowing his team of computer scientists and software engineers to solve clients tech problems more efficiently and effectively. Joe will manage partnerships: enterprise level, service providers and sales & marketing. And as in the past, Joe’s expertise will add value and respect all NBI clients. To Joe, every relationship matters, be it clients, partners, NBI team members or the neighbors next door.

“Tech should enhance your business not just be something you have to do.”  

President, Joe Warrino

Aureus Humbolt, Sales Manager

Aureus Humboldt is the new Manager of Sales. Aureus has deep experience in sales and customer satisfaction; having delivered extensive work in quantitative research to successfully improve Customer Experience Management (CEM). He will focus his efforts on new companies and new industries, expanding NBI’s sales capabilities. You can reach Aureus at (603) 582-6162 or

Strengthening their leadership team further demonstrates NBI’s unwavering commitment to continued growth and client service.