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The Woburn Chamber of Commerce and the North Suburban Chamber of Commerce are hosting international speaker and author,  Erik Swanson for an entertaining and motivational networking breakfast on August 10th at the Crowne Plaza. As a leading Success Coach and Public Speaker, Erik Swanson has been making a huge name for himself in helping people throughout the U.S., Canada & Europe overachieve specific goals in business as well as personal lives. Erik Swanson teaches the values of not getting into the habit of prejudging your customers, your clients, your prospects, and yourself!

Nicknamed ‘MR. AWESOME’, Erik’s energy, warmth and authentic nature engages each audience member and allows participants to not merely observe and listen, but rather they will enthusiastically participate and be driven to action. He has developed his own unique and super rewarding system which he calls the “Secret Habitude Warrior” Training. Erik shares stages with many top notch Speakers and Authors including ones from The Secret, The Think and Grow Rich Society, and even the Millionaire Summit Tour. When Erik speaks, audiences are inspired, empowered, and entertained. His style combines step-by-step tactical teachings with humor and vivid story telling.​

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Erik studied at the University of Vermont and started working with an advertising agency in the North East. He broke every sales goal put in front of him & was eager to move to the next step. At the age of 27, he was noticed and picked up to share the stage with some of the most talented and famous Sales & Motivational Trainers of the world today such as Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Jack Canfield, and Tony Robbins, just to name a few. These real life experiences molded him into the amazing “Connector” and Speaker he is today! He is the President of the “American Sales Trainers Association” and Creator, Founder & CEO of one of the top three seminar corporations in the United States today named “UNIVERSAL SEMINARS”!

His latest book called “NEW HABITUDES,” shows you how to develop GREAT HABITS and tremendous POSITIVE, pro-active attitudes throughout your workforce and everyday life. Become a “New Habitude’s Warrior”!

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“Erik, you really do have the unique ability to teach the success techniques and principals needed in today’s selling field and beyond. Even if you are not in sales, you connect with your audience to share ideas that are proven to assist their lives in so many ways. You have my vote!”
Jack Canfield ~ Co-Author Chicken Soup for the Soul

“WOW, not only is your material so relevant in today’s ‘character building’ economy… but seriously, Erik, you should have also been a comedian. You’re hilarious on stage !” ~ Ruben Gonzalez ~ Author, Speaker, Four Time Olympian

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