Woburn Chamber of Commerce Mentor Program Launches 4/17

The Emerging Leaders Mentor Program will pilot this spring with workshops for all mentor/mentee pairs on 4/17, 5/15 and 6/19 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. The workshops will be held at the gracious offices of the Tocci Building Corporation on Main Street in Woburn.

Each workshop will be structured with time for networking, dinner, structured presentation as well as time for the pairs to workshop the material covered. The goal of the program is to provide member businesses support by helping to develop the leadership potential of the rising stars in their company.

Contact Information

Research is telling us that younger professionals who do not see a career path for themselves within their current companies and those who are not provided with relevant professional development are likely to begin shopping for a new position, sooner rather than later. Losing talented employees comes at a steep cost to business. The Emerging Leaders program will match employees with 3 to 7 years of professional experience with more seasoned mentors. Mentors will help Mentees clarify their goals, navigate difficult conversations and strategically plan for growth within their current company.

Get Involved

The Emerging Leaders program will begin accepting applications for the fall program soon. Please consider if you would like to apply as a mentor or mentee. Is there anyone in your business who would benefit from being mentored? Please invite them to apply.

There are a handful of spots available for anyone who would like to audit a workshop. This is a unique opportunity to observe the program. Please contact the office to check availability and reserve your spot.