Your member profile makes an important impression. When people search for a business on our website, what will they see? Here are some important tips to get the most value out of your Member Profile.

Include Current Photos

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Add a current head shot, images of your products or your location. Giving people something to look at will encourage them to actually read your profile and let’s them know that you want to make a good impression. In other words, that you value your customer’s experience.

Include Keywords

How do people find your business? What are the keywords they search for your service? Make sure to include a description that includes those keywords. That way when potential customers type “Bookkeeping” or “Landscaping” into our Find A Business search- you’ll be sure to pop up.

Add Additional Contacts

Adding additional contacts benefits your business because it gives potential customers another point of contact for your business. As we all know, employees can come and go and if your only point of contact is gone, how will people reach you? Adding additional contacts also adds them to the Woburn Chamber of Commerce email list. That means your employees (yes, your employees are Woburn Chamber of Commerce members too!) will hear about membership benefits, events and community news.

How to Update Your Profile

It’s super easy, just follow the link below to the Manage Your Account login. The login is most likely the email of the contact person listed for your business, but sometimes businesses use their info@ email. If you are stuck trying to get into your account, you can always contact the office for help.

While you’re here take a look around. Do you want to add a Member Discount or promotion? Did you know that you can add up to 3 events per year to the Woburn Chamber of Commerce events calendar? Jump over to the Calendar Events page and click Add An Event. Once your event is approved it will go live on our calendar and can be linked to your registration, website, whatever.

What are you waiting for? Get your profile updated right now.

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