[gdlr_heading tag=”h2″ font_weight=”bold” ]Introducing AGI, American Graphics Institute[/gdlr_heading]

American Graphics Institute provides organizations and individuals with training and support for design, marketing, and publishing technologies such as Adobe Creative Cloud, UX Design, HTML, HTML5, Javascript, Google Analytics, WordPress, etc. We have provided training to over 50,000 clients include 90 of the Fortune 100 companies in technology, publishing, financial services, advertising, creative services, and retail sectors. American Graphics Institute offers training at our main campus in Woburn, as well as online classes and on-site training at your company. In addition to classes, we also offer customizable certificate programs and can help a business find a marketing or design professional with no cost to the local company.

American Graphics Institute is located at 120 Presidential Way in Woburn. You can learn more about their courses at or call them at (781) 376-6044.

[gdlr_heading tag=”h2″ font_weight=”bold” ]Small Business Grants for Education[/gdlr_heading]

Small businesses in the area may be eligible to participate in no-cost courses through grant funding awarded to American Graphics Institute. Courses range from popular Adobe tools such as Photoshop and InDesign to UX Design and Google Analytics. Details on the courses and grant funding are on the AGI website at

[gdlr_heading tag=”h2″ font_weight=”bold” ]Jennifer Smith and Chris Smith[/gdlr_heading]

Jennifer and Chris Smith started American Graphics Institute 20 years ago. They are co-authors of Adobe Creative Cloud for Dummies and have each published more than 10 books on digital design technologies. While Jennifer teaches courses in design tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator she spends most of her time teaching User Experience (UX) design workshops which help organizations to structure and organize websites and apps in ways that make them easier to use. “Many people think building a website or app simply requires coding skills. To be successful they need to be well thought-out. UX Design is the process of researching, planning, organizing and presenting information. It’s more of a process and way of thinking, so I end up working with everyone from web programmers to project managers to business owners,” describes Jennifer.

Chris focuses his efforts primarily on web analytics and Google Analytics. With this he helps businesses understand who visits their website, how they found it, and what content is most popular. “With Google Analytics we can help businesses understand what marketing efforts are working and what content is most popular. This helps them fix problems and concentrate efforts on those areas that are more successful. For example, we can identify if a website is not performing well for a specific category of users, such as those on mobile devices, or even by demographic data. This lets businesses and organizations take a more strategic approach to marketing efforts,”  Chris explains.

[gdlr_heading tag=”h2″font_weight=”bold” ]Jennifer, Chris and the Guide Dog Foundation[/gdlr_heading]

For the past two years Chris and Jennifer have been raising puppies for the Guide Dog Foundation. The Foundation gives seeing eye dogs away at no-cost to the visually impaired. Raising a puppy involves everything from socialization and early training of the dog. The puppy is in the AGI office and classrooms with Jennifer and Chris, learning how to behave in a work environment. After approximately one year the dog moves on to guide training at the foundation before being paired with someone that needs them. AGI also teaches classes in web accessibility, helping organizations understand how to create websites that meet the needs of those who may have impairments. Because AGI has worked with foundations for the blind they learned about the Guide Dog Foundation’s need for help in raising puppies. They are now raising their second guide dog puppy.

Here is a picture of Annie, their most recent graduate.