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Transportation System from Anderson Train Stop Explored

Discussion have begun in regards to a public, private partnership aimed to reduce emissions in the City of Woburn. Several large employers in the city have many employees who could commute to work by train if they had affordable and convenient transportation from the Anderson train stop to their place of employment. This change would […]

Congratulations to Woburn’s Dedicated Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Awards The Woburn Chamber of Commerce honors the hard work and dedication of Woburn’s educators. The following teachers have  given 20 years of service to Woburn Public Schools and its students: Wendy Renna, Amy Givens, Brian Gilbertie, Kellyann Coughlin, Donna Cotter-Chakoian, Diane Brogna, Christina Beecher and Ralph Deldon (pictured above with boutonniere). On […]

Putting Woburn On The Map

The Woburn Chamber of Commerce is now a proud partner with Google to get Woburn’s businesses “On The Map”. Businesses with complete listings are 2 times more likely to be considered reputable.Find out what your listing looks like when customers search for your business on Google Search and Maps. visit gybo.com/business and type in your […]

Summer Innovation Series

“Can You Hear Me Now?” The Innovation series returns to the Woburn Public Library with American Tower on Thursday June 4th at 6 pm. Meet Michael Queenan, an attorney with American Tower, which provides one of the largest networks of properties for connecting a mobile device to the Internet and telephone network. Last Fall, we […]