Woburn Ordinance to Reduce Plastic Bag Use Now in Effect

As of September 30, 2020, Woburn’s retailers are restricted from using single-use plastic bags for shoppers’ purchases.  Woburn is one of more than 130 cities and towns in Massachusetts to enact this legislation.

The purpose of the ordinance, formally called Reduction of Checkout Bags by Retail Establishments (Title 8, Article IV of the 1989 Municipal Code), is “to protect the aesthetic beauty of the City of Woburn as well as the natural resources of the City by reducing the use of single-use plastic bags that are being used, discarded, and/or littered, to reduce solid waste, to protect the environment, both terrestrial and marine, and water resources, and to promote the use of reusable bags and recyclable paper bags by retail establishments in the City of Woburn.”

The ban specifically requires that any bag provided by a retailer must be compostable, reusable, or if made of plastic must be greater than 3 mils thick (approximately the thickness of 3 sheets of paper).  This ban does not eliminate the use of dry-cleaning bags, bags for newspapers, or bags used in the produce section of supermarkets; nor does it exclude retailers from selling plastic bags for garbage or pet waste.  Craft and fair vendors are not considered retailers under this ordinance and are excluded.  The Health Inspector will enforce this ordinance and retailers can be fined $50 for the first offence and $100 for the second and each subsequent offence.  Retailers may apply for an exemption for particular reasons with the approval of the Health Inspector.

[gdlr_heading tag=”h2″ icon=”icon-heart” font_weight=”bold” ]National Federation of Independent Business Hosting Small Business Day, April 10th[/gdlr_heading]

In 2018, Massachusetts small businesses face an unprecedented number of proposals that increase labor costs and impact how you do business. In short, Main Street businesses are being targeted by labor activists and those pushing an agenda that will inhibit your ability to operate your business.
This year alone Massachusetts small businesses potentially face:
– 26 weeks of paid medical leave and 16 weeks of paid family leave (partially employer funded)
– $15 minimum wage
– A 4% income tax surcharge for pass-thru entities (the so-called millionaires tax)
– A newly imposed MassHealth assessment
– Double-digit health care premium increases
– Highest in the nation energy costs
*Registration is free for all Massachusetts small business owners and we strongly encourage you to bring guests!*

The agenda will include guest speakers, an update on key legislation from our expert panel, a chance to provide feedback to key legislators who craft small business related legislation, and a chance to meet with your elected officials. Registration will begin at 9:30 a.m. with program to follow shortly after.

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On Tuesday, April 22nd CN Wood/Wood Co. of 22 North Maple Street was granted a Special Permit for an addition to their building with the help of the Woburn Chamber of Commerce.

The Restaurant located at 489 Main Street was also issued a Special Permit for interior renovations with the help of the Woburn Chamber of Commerce.

The Meet & Greet held at the Café Escadrille on April 23rd was a great success.  We had an attendance of 70 plus people.  A big thank you to Robert Murray of the Café Escadrille for hosting the event.  We look forward to our continued relationship with Murray Hills Inc.

Herb Chambers

Herb Chambers

Michael Meaney attended the City Council meeting on April 28th to support Herb Chambers in acquiring a lot of land on Cambridge & Locust Streets to provide extra parking.  The benefits of additional parking would create more jobs, increase revenue and taxes for the town.  Herb Chambers has proven to be a good neighbor, they donate to the schools and maintain an island on Locust & Willow Street.  The board voted to Continue the issue until more negotiations could be held with the abutting neighbors .

The Woburn Chamber of Commerce also spoke in favor of North Woburn Truck Parts continuing their business as a scrap metal manufacturer.  The Board voted to Continue this issue until the next meeting.